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Everyman Entrance Everyman Function Room Everyman Main Bar The famous Mo at the food counter Everyman Main Bar @ Tea Time
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at the Everyman

Everyman Bistro Supper Club

Click here for a sample' Supper Club Menu'. Hurry - it sells out fast!

June Supper Clubs All Sold Out!



The Everyman Folk Club
The Ev Folk Club meets every Tuesday evening at  8.30 pm in our 3rd Room.

The Dead Good Poets Society
Our poets met on the first and/or third Wednesday of every month in the 3rd Room...Bye Bye
Closing Schedule

The... Goodbye Events Schedule. Underlying this suspect prose you will find a list of the marquee events the Bistro will be hosting in the run up to D-Day (D for Diggers, keep up). Wednesday 15th June LAST EVER Dead Good Poets Society If you fall in the same category as the lawsuit (not yet to show your threatening face) then you need to reconsider some of your life choices. Thursday 16th June ANTI-PENULTIMATE Supper Club - SOLD OUT Crazy good four courses at a crazy good set price. Wednesday 22nd June CAMRA Festival Finale Organised in conjunction with Merseyside's premier real ale campaign group, this night promises to bring out the brightest stars from Liverpool's excellent pub scene. There'll be a huge selection of the very best in local real ales as well as food to celebrate the fantastic flavours that are found on the collective scouse doorstep. Main two rooms will be open to everyone. The Third Room will be invitation only (if you're still in the dark on that one, have a word with your postman). Thursday 23rd June PENULTIMATE Supper Club - SOLD OUT I'm just gonna rub it in your faces that the boat has sailed on this one. Same sketch: top scran. Friday 24th June DANCE'N'LAUGH Bonanza Sound of the 60's this is not (quite). Remember Hope Hall? Probably a bit hazey these days but Brian Farrell will be curating the evening's music with the intention to bring it all back. Following on we'll have comedy to take us into the night. The original home of the Rawhide, the Bistro was one of the first comedy venues in the city. Fresh from touring his act the fantastic Francis Tucker will be hosting a night of laugh-a-minute routines. Saturday 25th June Traditional Celtic Music // Everyman Youth Theatre Reunion We'll have Bones and his gang setting up in our main rooms to provide the backing track for the night. Some real fine fiddlers expected. The Third Room will play host to a reunion event for kindling board-treading kindred spirits. Rhubarb, stage left, etc. Monday 27th June ONE OFF Mouth of the Mersey Storytelling We've kidnapped this bunch of travelling wordsmiths from their usual slot down at Parr Street. This Third Room event promises to be the perfect prologue to the final week of the Bistro's being. Entrance fee TBC. Tuesday 28th June LAST EVER Folk Club I once overheard a discussion on a bus concerning where the best place in the North of England for Tuesday night folk music was. Both participants reached a resounding Everyman Bistro Folk Club agreement. They weren't wrong, and this night will host the final Third Room meet of the long running, much loved and sometime pioneering Everyman Folk Club. These nights will be missed when gone. Hat collection and raffle, as per. Wednsday 29th June ONE OFF Appreciation of Wine Night - TICKETED EVENT !! LIMITED AVAILABILITY !! And we don't even use the term 'appreciation' lightly. We'll have fine wine expert, broker and buyer Ed to help you enjoy that grape juice in a whole new way. As part of the package we'll be serving a light food menu to complement those floral notes. Thursday 30th June ULTIMATE Supper Club - SOLD OUT Just so you know where it is. If you're still reading then you'll know what this involves and I'll spare you the gags as just reward for your diligence. Friday 1st July PINCH, PUNCH First of the Month Musical Mastery The Frank Maudsley Singalong, Barry Sutton's The Beatnick Hurricane, The Loose Moose String Band, John Head + Infamous Eric's Spinner Norman "The Cat" Killon + Grapes Jazz Collective to take us on into the night. This will be a great night of live music, all for free!! By which I mean free for you; its costing us an arm and a leg and half a jawbone so you better be thankful. Saturday 2nd July ALL DAYER This will be the last day of the Bistro's existence before we close. Events through the afternoon including some cool jazz, quality accordion and mythical harp. The night time is the right time (apparently) and this night will spill out onto the streets with drummers drumming and peasants singing and the archer will split the tree. We'll have more live music from our jazz friends and more records spun by our cat friend until we're told to stop. More details about this one will emerge soon, but needless to say it's gonna be one special night. Come down as we leave a little of ourselves in another chapter of Liverpool's lost institutions. Tell your friends, neighbours, milkman and hairdresser because from thenceforth, no more.See More

By: Everyman Bistro

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